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The Windows 10 Anniversary Update (aka: Windows 10 Version 1607). After applied it rolls back the settings for (IIS) Internet Information Services features.

Symptom: Seems to not save URL… It is saved and updated. IIS is not there to run the page.

Manually set the following options to correct this.
Open Control Panel
Open Programs and Features
Select Turn Windows Features on or off.

Select Internet Information Services

Click OK and update.
You will need the Mobile Solutions install programs. If you do not have these files, contact the Elliott Data Support helpdesk for assistance. 888-345-8511
Right click and “run as administrator” the MSS.exe and MSDSS.exe and complete a repair...

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Clean the printer using a cleaning card by doing the following:


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The ribbon can be taped together with scotch tape and manually advanced toward the take-up spool on the spindle with the black gear until it is past the taped area. There is no need to discard a ribbon that has broken. If ribbon breaks continue to happen, it may indicate that the printer needs to be cleaned or serviced.

Where do I find my IDPix 1000 Pro serial number?
This is not available in the program.
This would have been sent in the box if you have a CD version or by email if you received a USB install.

What do I do if I'm unable to log into my EPIC Track account?
If your are unable to login to your account and need to have a password reset check in with a full ”Administrative” user to request your password to be reset.

How do I login to EPIC Track?

On the login page, use the username and password that was created for you to access the web portions.
For access using the handheld portions you will use the pin that you created for your account.

What's the Product Key information?
This is not available in the program.
The product key would have been sent in the box if you have a CD version or by email if you received a USB install.

Where can I find a user guide within Emergency Event Manager software?
The user guides can be found by going to help in the top left of the EEMS main screen.

1. Inside the help drop down select Help Documentation.
2. Once this opens, the guides for your current version of EEMS will be available.